Neighborhood Watch to Prevent Crime

Neighborhood WatchParticipating in a neighborhood watch to discourage criminals from spending time on your block or street is something valuable you can do – even if you have little to no self defense experience or knowledge.

One of the most important things to remember about criminals is that they never want to be seen by anyone, because if they are ever caught by the police they won’t want someone to be able to identify them. When a criminal knows there is a good chance they are being watched, they will be far more likely to move on and look for an easier target.

A neighborhood watch is a program in which all the people who live in one area agree to watch out for each other. So if one of your neighbors notices a suspicious character hanging around your house, or a car that keeps driving up and down your block, they will notify you and contact the police. Criminals are warned of an active watch by signs that are posted prominently in the area. When they see these clear signals that the people in this community are working together to prevent crime, they will know their chances of being caught are much higher and go somewhere else.

Crime Prevention Begins With You

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