Pickpockets and Purse Snatchers – Safeguard Yourself (Part 2)

Pickpocks and Purse SnatchersHere are some suggestions to safeguard yourself from purse snatchers.

Securing Yourself From Purse Snatching

Purse snatching is a crime that can be more easily prevented when you take away the easy opportunity from a thief. As with most thieves and criminals, they do not want to be caught – so they tend to look for the easiest targets that they can steal from the fastest. Many purse snatchers are juveniles under the age of 18, who are waiting for the next easy opportunity. When you hide the “prize” you make yourself a harder target. When it comes to protecting yourself from having your purse snatched, these few simple tips should help considerably.

  • Keep the bag close to your body.
  • Do not hang the bag on the the same shoulder as the purse.
  • Do not wrap it around your wrist. Your wrist is still weak enough that it may be tempting to a snatcher,  If your purse is snatched while around your wrist, you might be injured. Some victims have been thrown down as well as have gotten concussions as well as broken bones.
  • Try not to carry around things beyond what you can manage to lose. Even with the best precautions, if you encounter a thief who is willing to injure you – you should always be prepared to let the bag go if necessary. For example, leave unused charge cards at home.
  • Never leave your purse on a store counter or in a grocery shopping cart unattended. Even for a moment.
  • Shop With a Friend. A general rule for safety in any other context when going out applies here as well. you’re always safer when in the company of someone else, man or women.
  • If you must be out at night alone, stay in well-lighted areas. Walk close to street lights, staying well away from dark corners, alleys and building entrances.
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Pepper Spray/OC – Alternatives to Physical Physical violence (Pt. 2).

Pepper SprayThere is one fool proof way to genuinely identify how hot your pepper spray really is. Have it checked in a research laboratory utilizing advanced equipment in a procedure called HPLC (Greater Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry). These exams will run a manufacturer in between $180.00 to well into the $1,000s of dollars. Precisely what these examinations show is the chemical cosmetics of the completed strength of pepper spray. Examination outcomes will “Factually” show what your pepper spray’s real heat ranking is. The end result will is called TC or Total amount Capsacinoid material. Continue reading “Pepper Spray/OC – Alternatives to Physical Physical violence (Pt. 2).”

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