How to Reduce Crime in Your Neighborhood

Neightborhood Crime PreventionThis is a followup to the “Neighborhood Watch to Prevent Crime” post.

Remember, police officers can’t be everywhere. Your cooperation with them is for the benefit of you, your family, your neighbors and your neighborhood.

There’s safety in numbers and power through working with a group. You’ll get to know your neighbors better, and working with them you can reduce crime, develop a more united community, provide an avenue of communications between police and citizens, establish on-going crime prevention techniques in your neighborhood, and renew citizen interest in community activity.

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Crime Prevention – Non Lethal Options

Non Lethal Crime PreventionWhile It’s true that you may have decided on doing everything in your power to stay clear of a problem- often you just will not be able to and may have to be in a position to take action if avoidance doesn’t work.

You may have chosen to either want something to improve self defense skills you already have, or have a little help handy because you realize you won’t feel as though you can handle the issue without it.

Choosing wisely when thinking about buying a self defense item, it is suggested that you first respond to these questions for yourself:
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