Pepper Spray/OC – Alternatives to Physical Physical violence (Pt. 2).

Pepper SprayThere is one fool proof way to genuinely identify how hot your pepper spray really is. Have it checked in a research laboratory utilizing advanced equipment in a procedure called HPLC (Greater Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry). These exams will run a manufacturer in between $180.00 to well into the $1,000s of dollars. Precisely what these examinations show is the chemical cosmetics of the completed strength of pepper spray. Examination outcomes will “Factually” show what your pepper spray’s real heat ranking is. The end result will is called TC or Total amount Capsacinoid material. Continue reading “Pepper Spray/OC – Alternatives to Physical Physical violence (Pt. 2).”

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Pepper Spray- Alternatives to Physical Violence (Pt. 1).

Pepper SpraySimply exactly just what Is Pepper Spray?
Pepper spray is a chemical substance that is made with extremely (and we mean extremely) hot peppers. The active ingredient is called Oleoresin Capsicum. It is the extract from specific types of peppers that blended with a special resin that can be shot from a small container. Each container of spray is given a “Scoville Heat Unit” (SHU) number. To understand just how hot this is, look at it’s SHU rating.

What It Does
Continue reading “Pepper Spray- Alternatives to Physical Violence (Pt. 1).”

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