Shoplfting (Theft) Affects You and Your Family Members

No matter who steals or exactly what they take, the act of theft has an unfavorable effect on many people. If you are wondering just how shoplifting influences you and everyone your household- the response is that stealing is such a usual occurance that every retail location has to compensate for their annual losses.

How do they compensate? By elevating the price of everything. So whenever you get anything, you are paying a little additional to offset the harsh truth that people take countless dollars worth of from establishments every year.

Believe it or not, some individuals consider shoplifting to be their occupation. Actually, some perceive it as an specialized skill which they spend years perfecting.

These lawbreakers frequently have specially made garments or hand bags with hidden compartments where they could stash most anything they wish. They steal every little thing from apparel to specific well-liked fad items or electronic devices. The goods may be taken to the black market, to good friends, or on internet based public auction sites such as e-bay. In some instances, the criminal could also try to bring them back later for a cash refund. Another motivation for some people is just the act of taking something because they can.

A kleptomaniac is a person which swipes products even when they don’t desire or need them. This is a significant mental illness that triggers these folks to just take things that do not belong to them. Anybody that deals with this condition needs psychological assistance to get this obsession controlled.

Other criminals steal since they feel it is called for – they could think they are fighting back against a money grubbing company. Based on leading psychologists some folks actually swipe things in the hopes of being caught. This may be a determined plea for recognition, or a sensation of needing to be disciplined for a things they have done in other areas of their lives.

The Unintended Criminal activity
And there are acts of theft done daily by individuals who make an impulsive choice to take something without paying. Children frequently do this to obtain a toy or other thing they want that they are unable to get otherwise. Parents need to be on the look out for signals that their kids are stealing, such as coming across brand new products which the kid would certainly not have actually been able to get by themselves. While it might seem hard, the most effective thing parents or guardians can do if they uncover stealing something is to make them come with you back to the store and return it. Clarify what took place to a store supervisor. This is good opportunity to make it clear that this sort of behavior can bring big unwanted consequences and that it affects not only them, but their families and the stores.

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9 thoughts on “Shoplfting (Theft) Affects You and Your Family Members

    1. Or the parent goes to jail, which leads to loss of job. Fines and fees from being involved in the criminal justice system means less money for food, clothing, or luxury items.

      In the case of a parent, stress put on the relationship. Continued offenses leading to the breakup of a relationship.

      Teens being kicked out of the house; i.e sent to live with uncle, grandparent, etc. is x state.

      1. I agree with what Charles said but to expand on that if you live in a smaller town word will get around and if you have family members trying to get a job it may not be that easy because the owner or manager might say that they don’t want to hire you because you are related to the person who was caught shoplifting, stealing, etc…. (just a thought)

        1. Also it is very hard to earn the trust of those of whom you stole from. I recommend never shoplifting to all the little teens and underage, well pretty much just youth in general. Trust me I had to learn the hard way ever heard of Raul Gonzalez, Jr. Well that’s me buddy arrested 6 years ago, finally got out last year. I was arrested for shoplifting at Walmart. You’re probably thinking like what kind of idiot would do that. well apparently the one that is writing this story. Anyway let us not get into my life story and focus on everyone else. I don’t want a single one of you to end up how I did. I wouldn’t wish it on the worst. Just please, to anyone that still wants to live a life. If you’ve done something wrong there’s always a chance to fix it. It’s never too late until it is.

    2. My son was caught shoplifting the other day. Im making him weite a 2 page essay on who and what is affected by shoplifting. Heres a few ways this has affected my family. For starta i missed half a day of work because i had to go pick him up. I now have to pay a lawyer to represent him in court. In Ontario Canada the shoplifter can be taken to small claims court to pay for all the costs the buisness endures from being stolen from. It has caused stress on my wife and I aswell

  1. There are several.
    Some of the more obvious are- parents having to come to store to get their kids or bail them out of jail.
    The embarrassment of having family members caught for shoplifting.
    Children or teens doing it, and siblings or friends trying it themselves.

    1. Of course it would. They have just seen this person steal an item, whether it is $1 or $50, this item has been seen to be stolen and the person that has witness it has not told the security, this person will then feel an intense guilt for letting the perpetrator get away with their actions without taking legal action against it or dealing with the issue themselves.

    2. Yes Nathan it would affect them. especially if they are your friend the they wouldn’t know what to think. Don’t bring others into a problem that could easily be solved. The best of luck, To Whom it may concern.

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