The Best Ways to Protect Yourself on City Streets

Crime Prevention in City StreetsThese tips are designed to help you minimize your risk of being a victim when going out.

#1. Be Aware!

When really wanting to know how to secure yourself on city streets or anywhere else is to be mindful of your environment. It the most vital thing you can do.

Understand that wrongdoers search for simple chances to attack an unwary victim. A common target will be Continue reading “The Best Ways to Protect Yourself on City Streets”

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Safety While Exercising

Exercise SafetyMaintaining Safety While Exercising Outdoors
Running, cycling, power walking and other outdoor activities are a great way to spend time outside and get active. Not only do these exercises not require a membership fee, they also come with the benefit of spending some time out of doors. It can be a great opportunity for a little peace and quiet and privacy, but for safety’s sake it is also a good idea to take a trusted friend with you. Please read these crime prevention tips below and keep your activities enjoyable.
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